The Full Interviews

We could have edited 10 films on Genesis and still had plenty of material left over. For instance, we recorded five different sessions for Dr. Steve Austin at the Grand Canyon: The Grand Staircase, Desert View Tower, the Great Unconformity, the River, and the Nautiloid Bed. (We’ve only included Desert View here – and that’s 16 pages!)

We will eventually be releasing all of those interviews on DVD, but for now, I can provide them to you as transcripts from the various locations. Since editing is, by definition, a process of re-ordering material, this will enable you to see the context in which scientists were explaining different topics.  It should also give you better perspective on the many things we talked about that didn’t make it into the film.

Here are the first two interviews ready for download.  We will be adding more in the days and weeks ahead, so check back regularly to see the others as they become available.

Paul Nelson and Del Tackett at Computer History Museum

The Interviews

  1. Steve Austin & Del Tackett at Desert View, Grand Canyon
  2. Paul Nelson & Del Tackett at Computer History Museum
  3. Steve Boyd & Del Tackett at Hebrew Union College
  4. Andrew Snelling & Del Tackett at SP Crater
  5. Kurt Wise & Del Tackett at Pocket Wilderness, Dayton, TN
  6. Marcus Ross & Del Tackett at Discovery Park of America