Thank you for watching our film. If you’re like a lot of people, however, you may now feel a bit overwhelmed.

That’s understandable. When we were editing the film, we tried to balance breadth of coverage with depth of insight. It was a challenge, and we probably erred on the side of a bit more than a bit less. In light of that, you may be interested in ways to get a firmer grasp on the material. Here are 5 options for you:

1. Read an Overview of the Entire Film

We’ve tried to summarize the basic arguments and ideas of the film into a single place. If you’ve purchased the film on DVD, Blu-Ray, or Video on Demand (IGH official site), then you received this material as a printed booklet inside the case or as a PDF.  If you watched the film in another capacity, however, you can access it here:

2. Watch Additional Videos

We have many out-takes and other materials that we’ve created (and are in the process of creating) to dig deeper into these areas.  Here’s a short list of things you can watch now:

3. Choose an Expert to Learn From

If you really liked one particular expert, then a good way to learn more is to read other things they’ve written and videos they’ve created.

Click on a name to read their bios, get links to books and articles they’ve written, and link to other materials associated with them on this site.

Read the full interview transcript from each scientist in the film.

4. Choose a Topic or Resource to Dig Into

Andrew Snelling recommends choosing one particular topic to dig into then learning what you can on it. Here are some ways to do that.

5. Be on the Lookout for Additional Materials

These products will be available starting early summer 2017.  Please signup for updates to know when they will release.

  1. Is Genesis History? Companion Book a consolidation and distillation of all the material covered in the film.
  2. The Full Interviews Book (multi-volume book set) –  Edited transcripts of the full interviews with the scientists.
  3. The Full Interviews DVDs (multi-volume DVD set) – Approximately 30-40 hours of interviews with scientists. These will be edited into 60 shorter videos approximately 20 minutes each.
  4. Church Set (DVD/book set) – Six lessons and an accompanying book for use in churches.